Paulo Dybala summed up his feelings about José Mourinho's departure from AS Roma with a brief statement: "It was a great pleasure."

Dybala after José Mourinho's departure from Roma: 'It was a great pleasure'

Paulo Dybala's response to José Mourinho's departure from AS Roma resonated deeply on social media, showcasing the genuine appreciation and respect he had for the Portuguese coach who had been at the helm of the club.

In his heartfelt message, Dybala left no doubt about the impact Mourinho had on him personally and professionally. He began by expressing his gratitude, saying, "Thank you, mister! Thank you for everything... Working with you was a tremendous pleasure." These words reflect the profound sense of admiration and respect Dybala had developed for Mourinho during their time together. It's evident that the experience of working under Mourinho's guidance left a lasting impression on the Argentine international.

Dybala's message went beyond mere gratitude; it extended to acknowledging the valuable advice and wisdom he had received from Mourinho. By stating, "Thank you for your advice and all the words you gave me," Dybala highlighted the mentorship and coaching role that Mourinho played in his career. This further emphasizes the positive and impactful relationship between player and coach.

The message concluded with warm wishes for Mourinho and his team's future endeavors, with Dybala expressing a genuine hope for a reunion: "I wish you and your team all the best. I hope to see you again soon." This sentiment reflects the camaraderie and bond that can develop between players and coaches, transcending the boundaries of the professional arena.

José Mourinho's departure marked a significant moment in AS Roma's history, and Dybala's message served as a poignant farewell to a coach who had left an indelible mark on the club. It encapsulated the emotions and sentiments that players experience when parting ways with a respected coach and mentor.

As AS Roma welcomed Daniele De Rossi as Mourinho's successor, Dybala's message served as a reminder of the human connections and relationships that underpin the world of football, where mutual respect and appreciation between players and coaches are integral to the sport's fabric.