Sergio Ramos has responded for the first time to his departure from Sevilla. The 38-year-old defender, like his fellow veteran Jesús Navas, had the opportunity to sign a lifelong contract but chose to leave his beloved club after just one season.

Sergio Ramos explains departure from Sevilla: 'I have fulfilled my duty'

Last year, Ramos returned to La Liga after a stint at Paris Saint-Germain to sign for his childhood club, Sevilla.

His arrival stirred quite a reaction among the fans, due to the way he left for Real Madrid in 2005 at the age of nineteen. Ultimately, the 180-time Spanish international won the hearts of Sevilla fans by helping the club maintain its league status. Now, it’s time for a new adventure.

"I returned to pay tribute to Antonio Puerta and José Antonio Reyes (both former players who have since passed away), my grandfather, and my father," Ramos said on Tuesday to the Spanish media during a press event. "My goal was also to show myself to the Sevilla fans in my way: through performance and dedication. I believe I have achieved that goal and fulfilled my duty. I leave with my head held high."

A year ago, Ramos also had more lucrative offers but chose Sevilla with his heart. "I had a one-year contract and have the right to choose what I do. I showed my face and didn’t abandon the sinking ship. I chose this project with my heart, not because of money. I hope everyone remembers me for my good performances. Anyone who doubts my love for Sevilla hasn’t been paying attention this year."


Despite this, he is now choosing to leave again, even though he could have signed a lifelong contract like Navas. "This is a personal decision. I am leaving here the same way I came, without talking about money." Quitting is not an option, and a move to Major League Soccer seems likely. "It's true that America is very attractive for us as a family, but there is no agreement yet. I feel good and am eager to continue."

Ramos' departure marks the end of a significant chapter for both the player and Sevilla. His impact over the past season extended beyond the pitch, as he became a symbol of resilience and commitment. His defensive prowess and leadership played a critical role in stabilizing the team during a challenging campaign, ultimately helping Sevilla avoid relegation.

The decision to move on from Sevilla reflects Ramos' desire to seek new challenges and experiences, possibly in a different league. Major League Soccer (MLS) has emerged as a viable option, offering a blend of competitive play and a lifestyle appealing to his family. His potential move to MLS would follow in the footsteps of several European stars who have chosen to extend their careers in the United States.

Ramos' commitment to his fitness and performance remains unwavering. "I feel good and am eager to continue," he emphasized, indicating that retirement is not on the horizon. His readiness to embrace a new adventure highlights his enduring passion for the game and his drive to achieve more milestones.

The departure has been met with mixed emotions among Sevilla fans, who have grown to admire Ramos for his contributions and dedication. While his exit leaves a void, it also opens up opportunities for the club to rebuild and for new leaders to emerge.

As Ramos prepares for his next chapter, his legacy at Sevilla will be remembered fondly. His return, albeit brief, was marked by a sincere effort to honor his roots and make a meaningful impact. Whether in MLS or another league, Ramos' journey continues to captivate football fans worldwide, showcasing his enduring influence and remarkable career.