The Valencia player does not have the popliteal artery of the right knee affected and escapes the worst-case scenario. He will undergo surgery on Thursday in Lyon.

Diakhaby was seen smiling and has good news after the serious injury

After sustaining a serious injury in the weekend match against Real Madrid, Diakhaby was seen smiling at Valencia's training center this Tuesday, signaling a positive outlook amidst challenging circumstances.

Valencia CF has released medical details concerning Diakhaby's condition, announcing that he is scheduled for surgery on Thursday at the Jean Mermoz Private Hospital in Lyon. The procedure will be performed by orthopedic surgeon Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet, with Dr. Pedro Lopez, the head of Valencia's medical services, overseeing the operation.

The injury in question was a dislocation of Diakhaby's right knee, an incident that occurred during the highly contested match against Real Madrid. Initial concerns were grave, but subsequent reports from Spain have provided a somewhat more optimistic perspective. It has been revealed that the injury did not impact the popliteal artery in the right knee. This artery plays a crucial role in blood circulation to the lower leg, and its involvement could have complicated the recovery process significantly.

The avoidance of damage to the popliteal artery represents a silver lining in what could have been a much more severe situation for Diakhaby. The lack of arterial involvement means that while the road to recovery may still be long and require careful management, the potential for a full recovery without the complications of vascular injury is much higher.

This news has been met with relief from Valencia CF, its fans, and undoubtedly from Diakhaby himself, as indicated by his upbeat appearance at the training center. The club and its medical team will be closely monitoring his surgery and rehabilitation process, with hopes for a successful operation and a smooth recovery path ahead. The support from the club, teammates, and fans will be crucial for Diakhaby as he embarks on his journey back to full fitness and eventually, to the pitch.