Xavi Hernández is under pressure in Barcelona. The Barça coach has seen his team win only four of the last ten matches. And then there's a crisis at Camp Nou, as president Joan Laporta also knows.

Ambiguous Laporta keeps faith in Xavi: 'But if we don't win a trophy...'

Joan Laporta's recent statements in Mundo Deportivo reflect the complex situation at FC Barcelona under Xavi Hernández's stewardship. 

Despite expressing full confidence in Xavi, Laporta’s comments reveal the nuanced balance between support and expectation at the club. The acknowledgment of Xavi's resilience and his protective nature towards his players highlights the human aspect of his coaching, an important factor in team dynamics, particularly during challenging times.

Laporta’s praise for Xavi's tactical insights and post-match analyses points to a recognition of his technical competencies. However, the mention of consequences following losses subtly underscores the performance-driven nature of top-level football, where results often dictate a coach's tenure. The statement about making decisions for the club's best interest if trophies are not won this year adds an element of urgency and expectation to Xavi's role.

The emphasis on Barcelona’s participation in all competitions indicates that the club still has multiple opportunities to salvage the season with silverware. Laporta's comment about becoming national champions last year under Xavi's leadership serves as a reminder of the team's potential and recent successes. However, the aspiration to win more trophies this year sets a high bar for the team, amidst the challenge of a crowded fixture schedule and injury concerns.

Barcelona's recent form, with just four wins in their last ten matches, including two losses and a draw in their last three games, has led to a widening gap with Real Madrid in La Liga. This gap, now at seven points, places additional pressure on Xavi and his squad to find form and close the distance with their arch-rivals.

The situation at Barcelona is emblematic of the high-stakes environment in elite football, where even a string of poor results can trigger discussions about a coach's future. The coming matches will be crucial for Xavi to demonstrate his tactical acumen and ability to steer the team back to winning ways. Laporta's support, albeit with an undercurrent of expectation, suggests that while the club respects Xavi's contributions, performance and results remain paramount in evaluating his tenure as the coach of Barcelona.