The roof of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium will be closed on Tuesday evening for the Champions League clash between Real Madrid and Manchester City. The home team believes they can gain an advantage against Pep Guardiola's team by doing so.

UEFA agrees to Real's request: club wants roof closed against Man City

The decision to close the roof of the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu for the Champions League clash between Real Madrid and Manchester City highlights an intriguing aspect of stadium dynamics.

While in La Liga, Real has the autonomy to decide on the roof's status, UEFA regulations mandate a formal request for each European match. Despite the absence of adverse weather conditions, UEFA approved Real's request for the City match.

Insiders suggest that Real's motive for closing the roof is primarily to enhance the acoustic atmosphere. The closed roof is believed to create a more intimidating environment for visiting teams compared to an open-air stadium. Real aims to leverage this advantage to the fullest extent possible, seeking to create an atmosphere that boosts their performance on the field.

The construction of the roof structure was part of the extensive renovation of the iconic stadium, which reportedly cost 1.76 billion euros, as reported by The Athletic. This significant investment underscores the importance of enhancing the overall stadium experience, including factors like acoustics and ambiance.

Guardiola's response to queries about playing under a closed roof reflects the novelty of the situation. The former Barcelona manager expressed curiosity, noting that throughout his career, he has rarely encountered stadiums with closed roofs. His remarks highlight the unique nature of the decision and its potential impact on the match atmosphere and dynamics.