It's not a question of if, but when Xabi Alonso will become the new coach of Real Madrid. Bayer Leverkusen is taking into account that the successful Spanish coach will eventually make the move to Madrid.

Leverkusen boss: 'No doubt that Alonso will go to Real Madrid someday'

Fernando Carro's confidence in Xabi Alonso underscores the high regard in which the former Spanish midfielder is held at Bayer Leverkusen.

Despite the attention from top European clubs, Alonso’s commitment to Leverkusen speaks volumes about his dedication to the project at hand and his comfort with the club's environment. Alonso's decision to stay, amidst speculation, stabilizes the team and allows them to focus on their sporting ambitions without the distractions of managerial uncertainty.

Alonso’s leadership qualities, as highlighted by Carro, have not only been pivotal in maintaining the cohesion and morale of the team but have also played a crucial role in the tactical development of the squad. Under his guidance, Leverkusen has adopted a style of play that emphasizes possession, pressure, and precision, traits that Alonso was known for during his illustrious playing career.

The mention of Alonso potentially coaching Real Madrid, Liverpool, or Bayern Munich in the future highlights the trajectory expected of him. Each of these clubs, with whom Alonso has a personal history, presents potential future challenges and opportunities for his coaching career. However, the immediate focus remains on Leverkusen, where his current impact is palpable.

The relationship between Alonso and Leverkusen is mutually beneficial. For Leverkusen, having a coach of Alonso’s caliber helps elevate the team's profile and attract talent, while for Alonso, the club offers a platform to refine his coaching philosophy and build his credentials at a competitive level in European football.

As Leverkusen continues to compete in the Bundesliga and the Champions League, the experience and stability Alonso brings are invaluable. His ability to navigate the pressures of European football as both a player and now as a coach will be crucial as Leverkusen aims to solidify its status among Europe's elite football clubs. The synergy between Alonso’s ambitions and Leverkusen’s goals suggests a promising future for the club under his leadership, at least for the duration of his current commitment.