Last week, Jürgen Klopp announced that he will leave his position as manager of Liverpool at the end of this season. In an initial response, captain Virgil van Dijk also raised doubts about his future at Anfield. Klopp is urging the supporters (and the media) to remain calm.

Klopp urges Liverpool fans to remain calm after Van Dijk's comments

Jürgen Klopp announced last week that he will leave Liverpool at the end of this season. In an initial reaction, captain Virgil van Dijk also expressed doubts about his future at Anfield. Klopp is calling on the supporters to remain calm.

Van Dijk still has a contract with Liverpool until the summer of 2025. When asked by The Times if he will stay at Anfield in the 'post-Klopp era,' the Dutch international responded, 'That's a good question. I don't know yet. There will be a lot of changes, and I'm curious about the direction we'll take. When more is known about that, I can say more.'

These were not the words that Liverpool fans wanted to hear. However, according to Klopp, there shouldn't be too much read into it. 'The guys love this club. I'm very sure of that,' said the German. 'It's not like they already have one foot out the door.'

In addition to Van Dijk, Mohamed Salah and Trent Alexander-Arnold also have contracts that run for another year and a half. 'The club has known for a while that I would be leaving,' Klopp said. 'They could have used this period to extend these contracts. And then suddenly I say: Oh yes, I won't be here next season! You can't work like that, especially not with the relationship we have.'

'There is plenty of time to sort everything out,' Klopp emphasized. 'The outside world doesn't give you a chance to process things: you immediately get the question, What are you going to do? Take it easy! It's completely logical that players want to know what happens when I leave. No one needs to worry. This club is very stable, and everything will be fine, I'm one hundred percent sure of it. I advise the supporters to remain calm. Discussions about a possible departure can only be a distraction this season.'

Salah and Thiago

Liverpool will play against Chelsea in the league on Wednesday and visit Arsenal on Sunday. Both matches come too soon for Mohamed Salah. Egypt was eliminated from the Africa Cup of Nations, but Salah suffered a hamstring injury in Ivory Coast and is still recovering. It is unclear when he will make his return.

The same applies to Thiago Alcántara, who has not played a single match for Liverpool this entire season. However, Klopp had good news about the Spaniard on Tuesday: Thiago has resumed training. He will still need some time to regain full fitness.